What We Do

We are performance management specialists.we improve biz results

  • We help you set clear and measurable performance expectations.
  • We equip you to deliver exceptional performance coaching.
  • We enable you to systematically deliver improved business outcomes.

Performance Expectations

We work with you, we challenge you, and we equip you to define expectations to deliver the highest performing individuals possible.

We assist you in defining or sharpening your organisational strategies and functional objectives, and outline the associated key performance indicators. We support effective communication at all levels across your organisation.

Just like high performing athletes and sports teams, members of your organisation need to know:

  1. What the game is (what is the organisational strategy and plans)?
  2. What the rules are (what are the behavioural requirements, performance standards and objectives)?
  3. What role each member plays (what are the strategic imperatives and what drives value from each role)?
  4. How the game is scored (how do customers and other stakeholders judge our performance)?
  5. Who is the score-keeper (who reviews performance)?
  6. What is “success” in my role (on what information will my performance be measured)?

Ensuring everyone within the organisation is clear on the expectations of performance at every level is fundamental to achieving improved business results.


Performance Coaching

Using our tried and tested performance coaching process we transfer skills to you, provide you with tools and templates, and mentor managers to execute their human resource management accountabilities, effectively.

We work with you in up-skilling your employees to meet the requirements of their jobs or any organisational/policy changes, equipping high performers to transfer their skills and expertise to others within the organisation, and coaching for improved performance.

We work with you to improve the output of performers and effectively manage non-performers.


Performance Outcomes

We enable you to systematically deliver improved business outcomes by implementing processes and consequences for both performance (reward performers) and non-performance (discipline poor performers).
We equip you to focus on and reward outcome, not activity.

We skill you to effectively lead and engage in quality conversations, propagate questions and provide effective performance feedback that results in you achieving your desired outcomes, while complying with industrial relations legislation.

We design and implement meaningful performance measurement processes and provide the tools and on-going coaching to ensure improved individual and business outcomes.


Contact us to improve your business performance and build leadership capability in your people.

We train you and your key staff to:postit note - call now

  • Set outcome-based performance targets and achieve these
  • Coach for improved performance and manage behaviour
  • Lead quality performance-focused conversations and provide useful feedback
  • Engage and manage stakeholders and influence with integrity

We deliver tools and resources to support:

  • Strategic and business planning
  • Performance monitoring and management
  • Coaching and skill development
  • Culture and behaviour change
  • Performance reporting to stakeholders

We use tried and proven processes, tools and techniques that we adapt to your situation so you get the best possible results from our efforts.