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Leadership Coaching – A Practical GuideLCcover

Successful managers coach their teams and encourage full participation from everyone, and to be successful in management, we must adopt the skills of an effective coach.

Leadership Coaching: A Practical Guide is a book that offers support, guidance and a series of practical how to’s. It delivers information on how to resolve people issues, including managing performance problems and developing individuals.

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What others have said about this book:

Do not be deceived by the slimness of this volume! It is filled with absolutely everything a manager needs to know about this vital aspect of leadership. More importantly, the content is presented attractively and logically so it is easy to read and understand. Practical tips and ideas jump out from every page and make this guide an essential tool-kit for every manager who realises that effective coaching leads to performance improvement. I highly recommend this book.”
– Human Resources Development Manager, ASB Bank, New Zealand

Kirsty has structured this book in a way that makes navigation through it easy. I particularly liked her approach that uses cartoons, graphics, and a very easy to read text. Also the mind map summaries and template documents are a very useful resource. I feel the approach is relevant to managers and leaders across cultural boundaries. I have recommended this book to members of my team throughout Asia and China.”
– Divisional Director, Oracle Asia/Pacific

Managers and team leaders can use this book to enhance their own effectiveness as people managers. Leadership Coaching is also a vital source book for trainers who are looking for resources to use in their own leadership work with managers either individually in a coaching context or as a text for a management development programme.”
– CEO, Australian Institute of Training & Development

If taken to heart the practical suggestions given in this book can transform the leadership effectiveness of any individual or organisation. Kirsty’s knowledge of learning combined with her business experience make this information both quick and easy to understand. A must read for anyone in leadership.”
– Company Director, The Nast Group, USA

Dancing With BrillianceDancing - cover

Dancing With Brilliance is a book about you. It’s about building leadership inside out.

Dancing With Brilliance facilitates a personal inquiry into the things that are important to you. Written in a conversational manner the author will provoke you into thinking deeply about your own vision, purpose, passion and behaviour. Filled with wisdom and practical activities you can apply right away this is one of those books you will treasure and refer to again and again. It provides useful questions, provocations, theories, shared learning and metaphors, as well as practical exercises to motivate you so that you may design and live a more fulfilling life.

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What others have said about this book:

What a delightful book! It would make a great Graduation gift for someone beginning their journey through life, what an incredible guide.”
– Educator & Parent, Michigan, USA

This book is for the brave-hearted who are willing to look inside themselves and explore their vast potential. This work reaps great rewards and a life fulfilled.”
– Master Trainer & Author, Detroit, USA

This gem of a book comes from the heart, and reaches the heart. You can dip in and out of it, or you can read it from cover to cover. It’s not the reading that’s important – it’s what happens to you when you read it. Kirsty has the knack of creating reflection in you, the reader. It’s like she’s sitting there on your shoulder speaking only to you. If you dance with the concepts then your sense of being will shine, brilliantly. This book gives you the power to discover your brilliance.”
– Company Director, Leader’s Edge, New Zealand